High School Entrepreneurship

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Course Description

Have you ever wanted to start your own business, or to launch a new product, but you don’t know where to begin? This course will take you through the basics of creating a smale-scale venture from the ground up, using minimal startup capital, and plenty of enthusiasm.

Note that this course does not provide financial advice related to your specific circumstances, nor does it offer any guarantees of success, or information about taxation that may be payable where you live. It’s recommended that you seek professional advice from an accountant in relation to these matters.

The course does, however, cover a good deal of ground, that will enable you to plan, brand, commence, market, manage and grow your first venture. Content is specifically tailored to those of high school age.

Some of the topics that will be addressed include:

  1. What is entrepreneurship?
  2. Starting up with minimal capital
  3. Financial management
  4. Giving back to your community
  5. Ideation
  6. Branding and marketing
  7. Product or service development
  8. Delivery and follow-up
  9. Asking for referrals and growing your business
  10. Working with others

Business – Workplace Health & Safety

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Course Description

This course provides insight into the importance of maintaining safe workplaces, the duties of care that are the responsibility of both employers and employees, and key legislation involved in the process.

It’s hard to over-estimate the importance of this topic in a business management context. Workplace injuries, work-related illnesses and serious or fatal accidents that occur in connection to employment often produce devastating and widespread effects for the individuals, families and businesses involved. Even minor injuries can create disruptions, lost productivity and reduced staff morale. As such, learning how to plan, maintain and improve safe workplaces is essential, as is the keeping of accurate records about health and safety, for compliance purposes.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Legislation (with a Queensland, Australian focus)
  • Duty of care
  • Creating a safe workplace
  • Signage and MSDS documents
  • Risk management

Small quizzes are interspersed throughout the course, to check for understanding, and a more comprehensive quiz is located at the conclusion, which will serve as revision for the unit.